Automation Tutorial

Create a welcome workflow

In this tutorial divided into two 5-minute videos, learn how to set up a welcome workflow with the Sendinblue Automation interface. Also discover a number of hints and tips for getting the most out of your workflow!
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10 minutes

What is a welcome workflow?

A welcome workflow is a series of emails sent when a contact is added to a list or has submitted a form. It is often used to present your company and its brand to new contacts. It is one of the most important contact points in the customer path because it creates the first impression and defines the contact's needs.


Very good open rate:
Up to 50 to 80%! Your contacts are very receptive to this type of email.

    Increase in customer loyalty:
    When you send a welcome email, you show interest in your contacts.

    Boost your revenue:

Discounts offered in welcome emails increase the ROI of your marketing communications.